What is Public Liability Insurance for a Plasterer Business?

As a plasterer, either working for yourself or running a small business, you’ll know that even with all care taken and the best of intentions, accidents can occur. Public liability insurance may protect you against legal claims for damage to property or personal injury that a third party suffers which you they argue you are liable for as part of your work activities.

In a profession where you typically need to go onto a construction site or into people’s houses to perform your work, you know that a builder will require you to have your public liability cover, and there is always the potential to cause damage to valuable items or for an accident to occur, such as someone tripping over your work materials.

Even when you are not at fault, an adverse legal decision could make you liable for significant monetary damages as well as your legal costs. Just defending yourself against unfounded claims can result in significant legal fees. In the worst case, this could bankrupt your business or, if you are working for yourself, even lead to personal bankruptcy. Public liability insurance is designed to protect you in these situations.

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