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New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state, and it is also a powerhouse of Australian business. New South Wales boasts over 315,000 employing businesses, in addition to thousands of self-employed traders and freelances. The main industries include construction, manufacturing, financial services, real estate and professional, scientific and technical services. If you operate a business, no matter how small, which offers services to the public, it is critical to ensure that your New South Wales business is insured. Public liability cover can provide protection against costly accidents and injuries caused by your business that could potentially result in a lawsuit.

Public liability insurance in New South Wales

Public liability insurance is a key cover for sole traders, small business owners and home-based company directors. Whether you run an online store, a building firm or an office, investing in public liability insurance can provide you with a safety net if you encounter problems, such as injuries in your store or site or mistakes that leave customers injured or out of pocket. If you have a comprehensive policy, you can make a claim, which could save your business from going under.

Finding a suitable insurance policy with Public Liability Insurance Australia

At Public Liability Insurance Australia, we have made it our mission to make the lives of business owners and sole traders as easy as possible. Using extensive experience combined with in-depth industry knowledge, we source suitable and affordable policies for each type of small business. We have strong, established links with reputable insurers and we search for policies and plans based on your business requirements. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, you can relax and get back to running your business. We will scour the options, comparing different policies to bring you the appropriate contenders. We work with businesses across many industries and we understand that every client has unique demands. Our expert team aim to find policies that suit your budget and your needs.

Since 2013 our team have helped thousands of self-employed sole traders and small business owners with*:

  • Suitable cover for their business risks
  • Affordable premiums
  • Cover for a very wide range of occupations
  • Fast service; over the phone and online
  • Answers to your business insurance questions
  • Claims ; going in to bat for you with insurers

The Public Liability Australia team compare Public Liability insurance for Australian self-employed sole traders and small business owners from a range of leading insurers with the help of our liability brokers.

The Public Liability Australia team have access to over 160 products and services which is helpful for hard to place occupations.

List of just some of the key insurers and underwriters we may compare public liability policies are below^

  1. QBE
  2. Chubb
  3. Vero
  4. High Street
  5. Protecsure
  6. AIG
  7. CGU
  8. Allianz
  9. Hollard
  10. Zurich
  11. Brooklyn
  12. Liberty
^We do not typically compare all the above insurers for the one client, or all products offered by all the insurers. Depending on the occupation we will typically compare between 0-8 insurers.

Leading Corporate Authorised Representative of United Insurance Group*

United Insurance Group is made up of a number of authorised representatives who deal in general insurance advice across the range of commercial and retail sectors.

United Insurance Group’s good spread of risks and contacts with underwriters, as well as internal access to expertise and support, which provides benefits to the individual businesses and authorised representatives within UIG.

United Insurance Group is a Steadfast member*

United Insurance Group is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, the Steadfast Group.

The Steadfast Network has 473 general insurance brokerages in Australasia who receive superior market access, exclusive products and services, backed by the size and scale of the Steadfast Group.

Benefits to small business clients with member broker include improved policy wordings, broker training and triage support for challenging claims.

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