What is Public Liability Insurance for a Nail Technician Business?

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Public liability insurance for a nail technician business may cover you against financial losses you could incur if you are found liable when a third party suffers property damage or physical injury that is proven to be caused by your actions while conducting your work.


Accidents that cause damage and injury are a risk for any small business. Even when offering professional manicures and nail treatments, it is not difficult to imagine situations in which you accidentally cause an injury to someone’s hands, spill nail polish or acetone on clothes or carpet or even have someone injure themselves by slipping or falling over your equipment when you are giving them treatment.


As an individual nail technician or small business owner, you are required to take reasonable steps to prevent your customers, clients, and even the general public from suffering an injury or property damage as a result of your business activities. Even with all care taken, accidents do happen and when they do public liability insurance may cover you for any financial losses you suffer as a result.


This type of insurance may cover your legal fees and any compensation costs you are ordered to pay if a customer, member of the public or anyone else claims they have suffered injury or damage to their property because of you being negligent while conducting your business activities.


While you may consider the likelihood of a claim being made against you as low, just one accident for which you are found liable could have the potential to disrupt your business or lead to you losing all you have worked for; so it is far better to be covered than not.

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