Public Liability Insurance for Plumbers

Public liability insurance is designed to protect you from third party claims made against you for property damage or personal injury that was caused by you undertaking your plumbing-related work activities.*

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If you are working as a plumber, or running your own plumbing business, you may need to have public liability insurance to protect yourself in situations where your work causes injury or damages to others.


Because of the nature of plumbing work, you’ll know that a mistake, or a moment of carelessness, can have serious consequences. An improperly fitted pipe, for example, could cause flooding or water damage in a client’s house; on-site there is always the potential for someone to trip over your work materials or otherwise suffer injury, even when you take the best care possible.


Public liability insurance for plumbers may protect you from having to pay the costs associated with a claim for compensation made by a member of the public (or another third party) that has suffered damage to property or physical injury that was caused by negligence on your part when performing your work.


In situations where you genuinely believe that the damage or injury was not caused by your actions, you may still have to engage legal representation (which can be expensive) to defend you in the court process. Even if you take all possible care, accidents can still happen, and when these accidents have serious consequences, they can result in a significant financial payout for compensation that could bankrupt your business (or even lead to personal bankruptcy) if you are found to be at fault.


Public liability insurance is designed to protect you from third party claims made against you for property damage or personal injury that was caused by you undertaking your plumbing-related work activities. It means that costs associated with these claims, including compensation, may be paid by the insurer rather than having to be paid by you.


In Australia, many states require plumbers to have public liability insurance in place before they can receive a license that allows them to conduct their plumbing work. In general, if you are a self-employed plumber that operates with an ABN number, own your own business or work as a subcontractor it’s smart to have public liability insurance.


When you consider worst-case scenarios that could occur when undertaking plumbing work, such as flooding an expensive home or someone’s fall on plumbing equipment leading to disability or death, it is vital for your peace of mind to know you have public liability insurance in place.

What does public liability insurance cover for a plumbing business?*

Public liability insurance in Australia typically provides self-employed plumbers cover for:

  • Third-party injury to other persons – Where your plumbers business activities causes harm to others
  • Third-party damage to others property – Where your plumbers business activities causes damages to others property
  • Product liability – Where your plumbers business products and goods supplied causes harm to others

How much is Public Liability Insurance for a plumbers business?*

Public Liability Insurance cost for a plumbing business will depend on various factors including the size of your business, the type of work you do and the types of clients you service.

For plumbers that:

  • Work on Commercial Building Sites
  • Have Employees
  • Work for councils or government departments and require 20 mil liability costs will be higher.

*Important : the above is a guide only; pricing may vary significantly from the above based on your size, clients, experience and gardening business activities.

We serve plumbing businesses and sub-contractors all over Australia*

List of states and territories in Australia we can help plumbers find the insurance cover they need:

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Queensland (QLD)
  • Victoria (VIC)
  • Western Australia (WA)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Tasmania (TAS)
  • ACT and NT

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