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Please see below some of our most frequently asked questions from small business owners.

If you have a different question please contact us 1300 670 250 or and a Public Liability Insurance broker will try and answer your question.

Key factors in determining how much your public liability insurance will cost your business include:

  1. The nature and scope of your business
  2. Your business turnover and size
  3. Amount of insurance cover your business needs

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A Public Liability Business Insurance broker will be in touch personally within four working hours of your request. Earlier if possible.

They will contact you by your preferred method of communication either via the phone or email.

For simpler quotes, and where all relevant details have been provided, you may receive a quote within 24 hours. If you call us, there are times when we are able to provide a quote with-in 10-15 minutes.

For more complex quotes, or where all relevant details have not been provided, a Public Liability business insurance broker will be in touch to ask a few more questions and/or to provide you with a timeline for you to receive your quote.

As our focus is on sourcing competitive pricing on suitable cover for you based on quotes from multiple insurers, complex quotes will take more time.

As part of our service you will be regularly updated throughout the process.

It’s important that your business insurance policy provides you with appropriate protection from the changing insurable risks your business faces.

Please contact us if you have made any changes in your business that could impact on your risk profile.

Not sure? Contact us on 1300 670 250 and a Public Liability Insurance adviser will guide you through the process.

As a service to business clients, Public Liability Insurance will be in touch regularly by phone or email to provide you with the opportunity to review your current business situation.

However, if your business has undergone change, please contact us immediately so we can ensure you are protected.

  • Online, via website
  • Cheque
  • Phone, via credit card

Changing/endorsing your policy is easy at Public Liability Insurance.

Simply contact your Public Liability Insurance adviser and let us know what changes you want to make, via phone, email or web and we’ll provide you with a quote and/or be in contact with you to discuss.

Public Liability insurance can be complex and a Public Liability insurance broker helps guide you through the process to ensure your assets and risks are adequately protected.

As specialist business insurance advisers, we act for you, not the insurers.

You will have us in your corner if you need to claim.

We can secure difficult to obtain cover for you.

We negotiate with leading insurers and underwriting agencies on your behalf to get you multiple quotes on suitable cover.

As business insurance specialists we provide general advice on level of cover, excesses, deductibles and risk.

Our brokers are specialists in business insurance. They are passionate about providing a professional, expert and friendly service to give you a positive customer experience at all times.

Our brokers negotiate & place insurance for businesses every working day.

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We are business insurance brokers
What does this mean to you ?
What that means is that we are YOUR representative, and our first responsibility is to YOU, unlike an insurance agent who represents the insurance company.

And in the event of a claim, we fight for YOU, which may mean a faster and more successful claim.

Important : We have no power to authorise claims. However, our experience and assistance can help you when you have a claim.