What does Public Liability Insurance cover for a Community Group?

The specific coverage provided by public liability insurance for a community group will depend on the terms of the policy but in general terms it may help to cover the group’s costs when legal action is taken by a third party (member of the public) that claims they have suffered physical injury or damage to their property that was caused by negligence on the part of the community group.

Some groups may also need separate cover for members participating in robust activities. which may be covered by league or association they participate in ; eg sports clubs.

It may help the community group to pay for legal representation when defending such claims as well as paying compensation for losses suffered by the third party when the community group is found to be liable by a court of law.

Public liability insurance is designed to help protect community groups when they work with their members, volunteers, clients, or customers in public spaces or in spaces controlled or owned by others where an accident occurs that results in physical injury or property damage that is found to be caused by the community group’s negligence. It is an ¬†important way a community group can protect itself from accidents and unforeseen events, the costs of which could otherwise shut the group down.

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