What is Public Liability Insurance for a Catering Business?

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As a catering business owner, you’ll be dealing with people, food and kitchen equipment on a daily basis. Public liability insurance may protect you against legal liability if someone not employed by you is injured or you cause damage to property belonging to a third party while providing catering services.

Even in the best of circumstances accidents can happen when preparing food; a person can be injured through spillage of hot food or drink, you could damage to a neighbouring property while providing catering services or someone could suffer food poisoning or an allergic reaction to the food you serve. If someone makes a legal claim against you and you do not have public and products liability insurance, you could have a judgement made against you which results in a significant financial penalty as well as legal costs.

Public liability insurance can protect your catering business from a range of risks associated with food preparation and service and, while not a legal requirement, can give you peace of mind from potential accidents that could mean the loss of your business.

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