What does Public Liability Insurance cover in a Catering Business?

Public liability insurance may cover you for any injury or damages to someone that occurs as part of your catering activities or for any damage to third-party property and equipment. When providing food and drink services there are a number of situations which could result in someone taking legal action against you.

Public liability insurance may cover you for costs associated with an injury to a person (who is not your employee), such as their legal fees, medical bills and time they might have to take off work. It may also cover you for any damage that you cause to third-party property or equipment that you use when providing catering services.

Public liability, which is normally combined with products liability for a catering businesses, is a form of insurance which is designed to protect businesses against the cost of causing property damage or personal injury to other people. With public liability insurance you can move this potential financial risk from your business to the insurance company, provided that the incident is covered by your policy.

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