What does Public Liability Insurance cover for a Boilermaker Business?

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Public liability insurance for a boilermaker business may protect you financially if your work activities cause property damage or personal injury to a third party. It may cover your legal expenses in defending yourself against any claims made against you and, if you are found liable, may pay the cost of compensation for property damage or personal injury to a third party that you have been found liable for.

This could include paying to repair or replace any property that was damaged, or, in the case of a personal injury, it could pay compensation for the victim’s medical expenses, physical rehabilitation, compensation for loss of earnings and compensation for any other impact on the person (such as pain and suffering).

Public liability insurance may protect you against unforeseen accidents and events that, in the worst cases, can have the potential to bankrupt you and your business. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that when the worst happens you and your business may be  financially protected.

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