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Do I Need Product Liability Insurance?

Do you produce, distribute, or sell products to the public? If so, you may need product liability insurance. For example, a plumber rarely sells a product without installing it. However, what about that one-off customer who can't find the part he needs, but you can easily get it for him...

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public liability insurance covers a business when a third party is caused injury or loss because of that business. Different things may be covered depending on the industry, and the work that's conducted. While not every business has to have public liability insurance, it offers many potential benefits to small...

How Much Does Public Liability Insurance Cost?

The average small business owner pays approximately $800 per annum, or $66 per month, for public liability insurance, according to data collected by major Australian insurance providers. However, the amount that you actually pay depends on the characteristics of your business. Factors affecting the price include the size of your...

How to Improve Your Workplace Safety

Workplace safety should be a key business priority. After all, you never know when emergencies can strike. Accidents and unpleasant events can occur on any given day, especially if you are not serious about preventing them. Workplace accidents harm the people around you and can also shatter your reputation and...

Public Liability Insurance tips for Aussie tradies

Whether you are a plumber, carpenter or an electrician, your job as a tradie always involves risk for both you and your client. After all, it is a physically demanding job. Every day you use potentially risky tools. There are many factors and variables beyond your control, no matter how...

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